The Bootstrap School will run from May 22nd to May 29th. We plan to have around 100 students attending the school.

The first Simons Non-perturbative Bootstrap school will center on four six-hour lecture series. The first will present a broad overview of the space of conformal field theories, including a discussion of the role of CFTs in condensed matter and high energy physics. Topics covered may include large N methods, the epsilon expansion, conformal windows for gauge theories in three and four dimensions, and conformal manifolds. The second will introduce the conformal bootstrap and its modern numerical implementation, with applications from rigorous bounds on the space of theories to precision spectroscopy of concrete models. The third will review the AdS/CFT correspondence and describe developments concerning two dimensional conformal field theories and their three dimensional quantum gravity duals and the fourth will discuss S-matrix bootstrap techniques. During the school, mornings will consist of lectures from the four series. In the afternoon, students will solve exercises ranging from pen and paper problems to mathematica challenges to more advanced computational tasks.

Lecturers and Topics:

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    • Zohar Komargodski (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel), Silviu Pufu (Princeton U., USA): Overview/Space of CFTs


    • Chris Beem (U. Oxford, UK), Miguel Paulos (CERN, Switzerland):  Bootstrap and Numerics


    • Tom Hartman (Cornell U., USA), Jared Kaplan (Johns Hopkins U., USA): AdS3/CFT2


  • Balt Van Rees (Durham U., UK): S-matrix Bootstrap

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Download a PDF version of the School Program (updated on May 23, 2017)

Exercises – Silviu Pufu

Exercises – Christopher Beem

Exercises 1 – Miguel Paulos

Exercises 2 – Miguel Paulos   Mathematica notebook for problem 2 – updated (Try to solve first by yourself 🙂 )

Exercises 1 – Zohar Komargodski

Exercises 2 – Zohar Komargodski

Exercise 1 – Jared Kaplan

Exercise 2 – Jared Kaplan

Exercise – Balt van Rees

Exercise (modular bootstrap) – Tom Hartman

Exercise (Chaos) – Tom Hartman