Thursday Social Samba:

Lunch Recommendations:

Fancier restaurants guarantee easier communication with the personal (the may even speak English). In the cheapest places (basically last two) it is advisable to go together with a Portuguese-speaker. All restaurants are walking distance from the venue in safe areas, nevertheless minimize the use of cell phone and better to walk in groups with some local/organizers/acquainted with Sao Paulo.

  • Shopping Cidade São Paulo: shopping mall with plenty of choice for restaurants on the third floor. Our favourite is a buffet pay-per-weight: Manai [~60-70 Real]
  • Le Jady’s: it is the restaurant inside The Universe Flat Hotel, right on the side of the venue. Offers lunch options [~60-70 Real]
  • Ki Love Grill: the buffet pay-per-weight place we have been during the workshop of week 1. Wide choice, serves churrasco grilled meat [~70-80 Real]
  • El Mercado Iberico: very close to the conference venue. It serves complete menus (menu executivo) for lunch.  [~70-80 Real]
  • Boteco Garotinha: the closest to the conference venue. It serves typical Brazilian lunch dishes (comercial/prato do dia) [~50-60 Real]
  • Jasmin Rosa: small buffet pay-per-weight, slightly fancier than average [~40-60 Real]
  • Restaurante Pamplona: standard buffet pay-per-weight, very close to the conference venue [~40-50 Real]
  • Amara Restaurante: little buffet restaurant, pay-per-weight [~40-50 Real]
  • Lanchonete Beselga: cheap worker’s lunch place, quite busy at lunch time. Typical Brazilian lunch dishes (prato feito or comercial) made of rice/pasta+beans+protein. [~30-40 Real]
  • Restaurante R & K:  all-you-can-eat buffet with a less choice than the other buffets. Basically a working-class lunch spot. Cheapest option, close to the venue. [~20-30 Real]

Three music shows:

Sunday 16th:
Tuesday 18th:

[both at SESC Consolação]

New: At Rua Coropé, n.° 88, Pinheiros, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, there will be a free show of Choro and Samba by the Sao Paulo University Orchestra. Here is the announcement. Arrive by 10:30 or even a bit before to get a good seat or arrive right before 11 and stand; both options should be fun, it should be a very nice show! Take an uber or the metro. If you choose the metro I suggest not walking along the big avenue (a bit sketchy if you are alone) and instead doing something like this.

A music show with (optional) dinner:

At Casa de Francisca [not a lot of free spots left; Geovana will play a Samba style from Sao Paulo called Samba Rock. The area is not safe for walking; you should take an Uber. See instructions here: With these instructions it is totally fine]. The place Casa de Francisca is a beautiful venue with a ton of shows: Agenda.

Live Music Bars:

Boteco Dona Tati Nice place with live music. Check agenda and arrive 30min or 1h before to secure a table. They serve food.

O do Borogodo  On the 20th they will have Roberta playing; she is outstanding; opens at 22:00 usually; A very nice restaurant to go for late dinner before heading here is Peixaria Bar e Venda; a nice option is to share lots of Petiscos (raw fish dishes that you can see on the entrance)]

Samba Bar Huge place, good to go with a bigger group. Saturday at 1pm+ there is the typical Feijoada with Samba, see agenda

Jazz Club  More instrumental music. The area is a bit sketchy; better take an Uber.

Botequim Canela Preta Small place. Live music on Friday and Saturday. They serve food.

Toca da Capivara Small place. Live Samba music from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 pm.

12 Dance classes on Sunday 16th. 

At a school at the end of Paulista, on Sunday afternoon from 12 to 6pm there will be lots of dance classes from Samba (3 different kinds! :)) to Salsa etc, see here. The price is 60 reais for up to 6 classes.

We will add more if we remember. If you know of a nice suggestion let us know and we will add it! 🙂