For lunch every participant will get vouchers to be used at the two locations sent by mail to all participants. The hotel option is all you can eat while for the restaurant you should pay the difference if you exceed 65 reais.

We will have one conference dinner every week. All will have vegetarian options.

Week 1 was at an all you can eat churrascaria, a meat place, called Fogo de Chão, at 19:30. We walked from the hotels to the restaurant:

Week 2 took place at a nice fish place called Peixaria Bar e Venda, at 20:00. Some took Ubers; some walked for about 1h: (we had a walking group for those that wanted to walk). Near Peixaria there were nice music places to go after dinner.

Week 3 was at an amazonian restaurant called Restaurante Amazonia, at 20:00. Close to the institute, walking distance: Near the restaurant there also also nice music places to explore.

We will coordinate other more informal social activities on Fridays/Saturday but everyone should pay on their own for those. We will announce these during the program.