We will have one mini-course by Gabriel Cuomo on Week 1 and another by Yin-Chen on Week 3.

The limit of large internal quantum numbers in CFT [Gabriel Cuomo]

In this course, I will outline the basic ideas underlying the large change expansion in CFTs. I will provide general arguments motivating the idea that correlation functions of large charge operators can be computed with EFT methods. I will discuss in detail the simplest and most generic EFT, the one describing the superfluid phase, and its derivation for a class of weakly coupled theories. I will comment on other phases, including theories with moduli spaces and Fermi spheres.

Fuzzy sphere regularization of 3D CFTs [Yin-Chen]

In this lecture, I will talk about the idea of using a fuzzy (non-commutative) sphere to study 3D CFTs on the cylinder S^2 x R. I will primarily focus on the 3D Ising CFT as an example to introduce the concept of fuzzy sphere regularization and demonstrate its applications in studying 3D CFTs, including 1) State-operator correspondence; 2) Computation of OPE coefficients and four-point correlators; 3) Study of conformal defect. Finally, I will briefly discuss the generalizations to other CFTs, including O(N) Wilson-Fisher, SO(5) deconfined phase transition, and SU(2) QCD3 theories.